Martian Crater Igloo


HAPs version:

How to DIY your own mega igloo on Mars complete with 1 bar and 1g centrifuge.

Red: Under Ice Hypertube Centrifuge for living habitat. Doubles as a mode of transporation so you can get off any any point along the crater rim.

Center: Glass Dome covering base acting as drill base to water reservoire with 1 bar of air pressure.

Green thing I plaigerized: Rocket landing pad for Starship self landing rocket.

Black Line between base and pad: Road.

Update: Description on my website or each pic but step 3 and step 4 needs to be scaled down because we don’t want a perfect cavity and allow gravitational stress on the top layer ice although gravity is less thats true but if we want to be absolutely safe we can leave some ice pilars between top and bottom ice by doing some old fashioned shoveling and drilling in the cavity to enlarge it gradually.

  1. Land on the ice with a nuclear thermal reactor

2. Drill for water like as if youre drilling for black gold and let it spray out as snow. Merry Christmas!

3. Let water settle after removing sufficient volume of it so a new ice sheet will form.

4. Build a base over the drill hole and use the building to seal it off from surface access but make sure there is a man hole or an elevator shaft underneath for access down under. (no pun intended, Im Australian).Water vapor gas will start filling the cavity to 1 bar

5. Drill again but smaller size drill hole with man hole with variable hole valve to control the flow of water vapor from remaining water underneath. This will pressurize the cavity with water vapor to 1 bar.

6. Build a glass dome over the base.


7. Open manhole/elevator shaft to the building and pressurize building and dome. And then (red circles) build a centrifuge taking up entire circumference of Korolev(or not but bigger the less vomit and corollois effect) and you have your self a 1bar habitat with trees in the dome with 1g under the ice but at the crater edges.


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