Lighter than air building 30km height

I had this crazy idea that’s been kicking around in my head for years now of building that is half building and half airship. Ideally it would be flooded with helium which would make it a perfect candidate in the middle east where mega projects are a norm there and helium is in abundant supply. However if we use hydrogen balloons in a room filled with an inert gas such as helium or nitrogen(which is slightly lighter than air, we can then eliminate the risk of explosion. Ignore the red dot, it’s just a non scaled reference marker.

The cylindrical shape and the large 2.5 km radius will gently deflect winds. There is a second design with a hollow center that will allow the launch of small rockets to escape velocity at 11km/s using compressed air gas and maglev combo.

People will ideally live in the sides of this cylindrical super structure (marked in green) but it is possible for them to dwell further in where the upper atmosphere of the cavity is nitrogen/helium.


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