I found my legacy simulators!

Well I still have them in my hard drive, what I actually lost was my youtube account temporarilly because google flagged me by mistake that I broke community guidelines which they just admitted that was a mistake. I am proud to present to you the early versions of my software a decade ago demonstrated in youtube but because of IDE upgrades it will be some time before I port my old code over to modern IDEs meaning that yes I have my old sorce code but I cant get them to work yet in the upgraded version of my software because it’s been upgraded to Visual Studio 2019. But I will fix that eventually and all old functionality will be restored in .NET environment!

  1. Nuclear Bomb Simulator

2. Sub Atomic Particle Simulation: Simulating gravity and static electrical interactions of protons, neutrons and electrons in the Bohr Model.

3. Newtonian Cannon: Using primitive outdated Euler Method with many frames of references to visualize trajectory. Precursor to the sim I am currently working on.

4. Planetrium with Magnetic Fields:

I intend to oneday simulate each flux in real time as it interacts with the solar wind as bohr model particles.

5. ICOSAHEDRON Tessellated Earth and multi scale zoom planetarium demo




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